Monday, September 13, 2010

Sushi Class

My Colleague asked me to join a one day sushi class. I found it very interesting  so I joined them. We enrolled in a class at Lek Cooking Center. The class went from 10 am. to 16 pm. The school has every tool and ingredient, so there was no need to prepare anything.

In the first hour we learnt about theories like how to choose ingredients, prepare rice, preserve ingredients, etc. And then, we learnt to do Japanese egg rolls. The instructor made it look so easy, but when we tried, it was a little bit difficult to shape it. After that we learnt to slice salmon. It takes a very sharp knife to slice the fish properly.

We started to make sushi in the afternoon. It was really fun though, making sushi in different shapes. All the sushi we made we could bring back home. That evening my boyfriend and I were really full because of it :)

Here are some photos from the class.

Wooden sushi roller and utensils.

The instructor's Japanese egg roll. It needs a low temperature for the egg to cook properly. If using a high temperature, the egg roll will not cook through.

The instructor gave the example of how to slice salmon.

All the ingredients were set, just waiting for sushi to be made.

The look of my yummy sushi :)

Atmosphere in the class.

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Luba said...

I'm SOOOO incredibly jealous!! I wish I could take a sushi class!!!

Bay said...

:D Hey Luba, if you ever plan to visit Bangkok. I wouldn't mind at all to be your company if you want to take the class :)

CrazyCris said...

damn! it's dinner time and you just made me hungry!!! yummmm

Bay said...

hehe Did you get yourself something in the end?

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