Sunday, March 20, 2011

My new toy: Sony DSC-TX10

We have a big beach trip in May so we need a camera that can take underwater pictures, and we concluded to buy this one: the Sony DSC-TX10.

My husband always told me that the photo quality of waterproof cameras will not be as good as non-waterproof ones of the same price, but as I considered that I will definitely have many beach trips, and the water festival, Songkran, is coming in April, a waterproof camera was definitely what I wanted.

I have tested it by putting it in the water and it work properly. No surprise that the quality is not ‘wow’ but very good still. I’ll list pros and cons of the DSC-TX10 as below;

- Waterproof (of course)
- Sweep panorama
- Intelligent mode (easy for an unprofessional photographer like me)
- Nice design
- Light weight
- Photos at night weren’t bad at all
- Video recording is very nice, clear and the sound is very good.

- Photo quality is not excellent but acceptable (who knows maybe it’s my skill that is not good, and maybe that’s why the photos were not excellent).
- Touch screen; to me it’s seem very sensitive (I’ve never used the touch screen camera before)
- It uses the Sony Memory Stick, which has much less support, so it will make life a bit harder for sharing photos.
- A bit pricey because it just launched (we bought it for ฿12,900, around $430) If we have waited a little bit more, the price would probably have gone down a bit.

In conclusion, I’m pretty happy with it. 
Here are some sample photos that have been taken by Sony DSC-TX10 (without any adjustment)


Background Defocus

At night


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Anonymous said...

These are really nice, I like them!
I want one! hehe<3

The Anything Place said...

wow very nice review :)

Bay said...

Thanks :)

CrazyCris said...

Hmmm... nice review, although personally I prefer the non-waterproof cameras (but my cousin gets some really good shots with his Olympus mju) and if I'm wanting them in the water then time for underwater housing! A bit bulkier but allows to get a top-quality camera for the lenses, which -with the sensor- is what makes a good camera.

But then I'm a scuba diver and avid photographer so I don't mind carrying the extra gear. :p

Bay said...

Hey Cris, believe me I wouldn't mind to use housing at all but the camera + housing's price is about x2 or x3 of this one, as the limited budget I ended up with this instead :)

I love snorkeling, never tried scuba dive though, don't have a license either. How's the underwater world?

I once read book of a Thai scuba diver talking about underwater experiences. It was very interesting, full of mystery and excitement.

CrazyCris said...

the underwater world is my favourite place to be! :o)

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