Monday, March 28, 2011

Review 'Love Korea' restaurant @ Udomsuk9

Love Korea restaurant ,in Thai รักเกาหลี (pronounces rak-kao-lee), is a small family-owned Korean restaurant in Bangkok, situated at Udomsuk 9 Street. The grilled buffet costs 290 baht net per person (around $10). There are many things to choose such as pork belly, pork neck, chicken, spicy chicken, squid, kimchi, kimchi soup, bibimbad, etc.

The restaurant looked simple but clean, good smoke absorber, and the most impressive to us was the owner who was really friendly and helpful. Food and services were good, I think it was a good value for money.


Delicious steamed egg

Kimchi soup

Nice and strong soju - good amount for 2 people

Enjoyed grilling

Our favourite dish 'Chicken volcano' (spicy chicken)

                                                                                                          - Thanks for visiting -


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wow!!! Look tempting!!! :)

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