Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strolling in Singapore

This was an absolutely unplanned trip. One evening I heard from my Belgian host-father that he was having a business trip to Singapore and asked if I had time to join him. That night I booked my plane ticket and there I was in Singapore :)

As I mentioned, this was unplanned so I don't have any travel insight information to share but photos. 

Fine Arts setup by Nanyang Academy. Those butterflies were made of plastic plates.

Colourful buildings in the Little India area

A cute model in a kids playground at the mall where we took a train to Sentosa Island.

A gloomy day

From a far distance (above photo), at first glance I thought it was a real person.
I zoomed to see how it looked.

One of the most important commerce ports in Asia.

A shot with these cute Siloso letters

They looked yummy like candies! lol

Too bad, not enough time to visit Universal Studio

Cute & cool things around the city

We ended the night by having a non-stop 4 hours talk and yeah, Belgian beers!!! ^.^

If I have a chance I will return to Singapore, there were so many places I missed. Overall, it was a good weekend that I really enjoyed ;)

                                                                                                - Thanks for visiting -


smoothiesices said...

Nice trip!Next time you should go to Universal Studio.It is totally fun!

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